Take lessons from NYTTF Director Robert Chen
or one of the other terrific NYTTF coaches!

Learn about the rules of the game; Equipment (paddles, rubbers, glues, long pips); Proper grip and form; Return of service; Forehand chop; Forehand loop; Backhand loop; Counter Loop; Footwork; Smash; Chopping / Under spin; Physical Conditioning; Serving (Side Spin, Under Spin, Top Spin, No Spin, Trick Serves)

$55 per person/hour
$20 per person/half hour
$65 for two people/hour

Also Available
NYTTF can travel to where you are. Our coaches can train you at your home, on location, or at schools. For more information, contact us.

Robot Machine Rental
Our robot machine is state-of-the-art with variable speed and spin mixtures for a top-flight workout! It can be personalized for your practice and type of play.
$15 per hour
$8 per half hour

Coaching Fees
Non-NYTFF coaches can teach on NYTTF tables at the following rates:
$18 per hour
$10 per half hour

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